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Keep your data safe and protected.

One of the biggest concerns and fears of any Business Owner is the possibility of the loss of his records, such as financial, or Customer data bases. This is especially of concern during the seasons where weather can be a factor and where more and more activities are conducted over the internet where the risk of data loss or corruption are increasing.

Most business have some form of back-up, but this is not always sufficient to protect the data and is dependent upon personnel remembering to do the back-up and the reliability of the local back-up equipment. Also some business do not even regularly back-up which is an invitation to disaster.

In order to help local business with this issue ACS is introducing a new Remote Data Storage program. To introduce an promote this program, we are offering a FREE 30 DAY TRIAL with 5 gigabytes storage. After the 30 day trial the 5 gigabytes of storage would cost about $15 per month with additional storage available at small incremental additional costs.

This is a user friendly interactive storage program which allows the user direct access via passwords and cue phrases to their stored data. The data can be added to or deleted directly by the user. Data storage takes place once each day at a time chosen by the user. The user gets a daily status update of their stored data, so that there is never a doubt as to the status of the back-up or data stored. No user action is needed to initiate the storage, which is done automatically.

This is a no risk trial. You use the service for 30 days. If you wish to continue with the program, contact ACS and we will sign you up. If you do not wish to continue, just delete the program from your computer.

Contact ACS Computer Services for additional information and to sign up for this FREE TRIAL.

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